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TX’s embossing line is designed for embossing the light gauge material of aluminum, cold rolled steel, prepainted steel and stainless steel. The line can be used for the production of domestic appliances like refrigerator panel, automotive components, decoration material, and etc.

The line is composed of decoiler, recoiler(assisted by belt wrapper), high precision embosser, two units of corrective leveller. The finished coil material can be with the ideal pattern that is of exact pattern shape and desired depth of embossing, besides by the high precision levellers can correct most of surface defects like center buckles, edge waviness and etc. Moreover, the strength and stiffness of base material can be increased.

The patterns on the material to be produced by the line can be tailored, the popular patterns are stucco, leather grain, diamond and etc. The embossing application can be single side or both sides.

Besides, we also have our owned steel service center to produce and provide the cut to length sheet, slit coils and embossed sheets. For any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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S.S. polishing line

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