TX’s slitter lines are highly customized to meet various requirement from customers. Thus additional or supplementary components below are optional for the purpose of optimization of the line.

Storage saddle

  • Normally the entry coil storage system consists of storage saddle and with/without turnstile.
  • The storage capacity can be one coil or multiple coils, depending on the customers’ request.
  • For surface sensitive material, the top of saddle is mounted with rubber to prevent from scratching.

Coil car / trolley

  • Coil car is used to receive, transfer, load/unload the coils onto or off the mandrel of uncoiler or recoiler. The trolley travels on floor rails or feet of decoiler/coiler.
  • According to the type of application, the trolley can be classified into floor type and pit type.
  • Lifting driven by hydraulic cylinder.
  • Traverse movement by motor driving through chain and sprocket.

Scraps winder / scraps baller

  • Scraps winders can pull, collect and wind the scrap edge cut out of the slitter arbor under the tension status.
  • In terms of thickness range, the scraps winder can be categorized into two types: online type; offline floor-mounted type.
  • The guiding units is utilized to ensure the consistent and uniform buildup of ball like scraps.
  • Hydraulic powered removal of the scrap balls.

Turnstile(2 arms / 4 arms)

  • In the loading and unloading section of the slitting line, the turnstiles is applied as the coil storage device to cooperate with loading and unloading coil cars to carry out the operation of loading and unloading of coils.
  • Rotation by motor with rack and pinion. Alignment of arms with the recoiler mandrel by sensor.
  • Strong frame of the turnstiles produced by TX can ensure the safety of operation.
  • 2 arms / 4 arms type are available.

Slit coil upender / downender / tilter

  • TX manufactures the slit coil upender with the function that unloads the slit coil from turnstile. 
  • Powered by hydraulic cylinder, TX’s coil tilter can rotate 90 degrees from vertical position to horizontal position and vice versa. The tilting operation is smooth and even to ensure the 100% safety.
  • Equipped with coil separation device.

Packing machine / slit coil winding machine

  • The slit coils that are wrapped by TX’s packing machine are not only delicate looking but also dampproof, dustproof, rustproof, antiaging, and free from accidental damages. 
  • The overlapping degree and the tightness of packaging tape is adjustable.
  • Packing with two differernt packing meterial loading system for two coils at the same time.

Belt bridle system

  • TX’s belt bridle system is the combination type that means the stand is equipped with one set of belt bridle unit that process the surface sensitive and delicate strips and one set of felt press unit that process non-delicate strips. 
  • For strips with delicate surfaces we apply belt tension system and braking roll system.
  • By belt bridle can ensure no any marks on the surfaces of the slit strips of the delicate materials like aluminium, pre-painted steel, stainless steel and etc.

Belt wrapper

  • Belt wrapper is the machine designed for assisting threading the initial wraps of light gauge steel strip onto a recoiler mandrel.
  • Main application of the belt wrapper:                                                                                    — In a slitting line, when a single strip or max no. 3 slit strips are recoiled, the belt wrapper is utilized replacing the gripper of the recoiler mandrel.                                — The technology of belt wrapping is also used on TX’s stainless steel brushing line to assist the recoiling of the polished strip.
  • The belt wrapping is achieved by hydraulic actuation.

   reliability, stable performance, long lifetime for hard working

   reliability, stable performance, long lifetime for hard working

   reliability, stable performance, long lifetime for hard working

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