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1. The 6hi leveller is mainly composed of frame, work rolls, intermediate rolls, and back-up rolls, transmission system, power system and control system.
2. The work rolls is made of 9Cr2MoV which is with hardness of 62HRC, which is very good for processing the hard material like stainless steel. The numbers of work roll is 21pcs(10pcs upper and 11pcs lower), they are actuated up and down by two units of motors thru the lead screw at the inlet and outlet of the machine.
3. The intermediate rolls has 23pcs and is unpowered. The intermediate rolls are with same width as the work rolls. The purpose of intermediate rolls is to absorb the pressure exerted by the backup rolls, as well as to evenly distribute the pressure to the work rolls, so as to prevent marking on the material of soft or surface critical material like stainless steel, aluminum, prepainted steel and etc.
4. The backup rolls(1650mm CTL line) has totally 196pcs(up and down), 7 rows up and 7 rows down totally 14 rows. Each row is controlled by independent motor to adjust the up and down movement, so as to correct different kinds of defects like cross bow, coil set, edge wave(( The value of each row is shown on the HMI and is adjusted on the touch screen.

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