The introduction about Rotary shear cut to length line

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Rotary shear cut to length line is composed of decoiler, peeler, leveller, length measuring unit, rotary shear, double station stacker; Compared with the start-stop shearing line, the rotary shearing line can realize the non-stop blanking of the plate, with faster speed, better precision and better surface protection. Each of these functions is performed by our machines, which are designed to handle an impressive range of material properties.
For enterprises that use a large number of plates of different specifications, it can significantly increase production, reduce costs, ensure quality, and improve production efficiency.
It is suitable for different materials such as cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., and the application industries are household appliances, steel industry, shipbuilding industry and automobile industry.
TX’s cut to length line can shear 270 sheets per minute, the max line speed is up 100m/min. It uses six-fold multi-roll leveling machine, so the sheet is flat without any marks.
Tx’s rotary shear cutting machine has the following characteristics:
1. Automatic detection on coil information, one button loading, one button uncoiling, automatic steering/centering.
2. Double stackers that are automatic interchanging. Automatic sensing and neatening for the stacking.
3. Accurate calculation. Safe and reliable.
4. Advanced rotary shearing technology realizes high-quality and high-efficiency sheet metal processing.
5. All the bearing and slideways on the rotary shear are all brand product. Advanced lubrication system. Long working life.
6. All the electric components are high-end brand products.

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