Here are some ways to improve metal slitting machine efficiency

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As the darling of metal slitting equipment, metal slitting machine leads other machines in market share and utilization. It has great advantages in the convenience of the production process and the quality of the products it produces.

For large production lines such as metal sectioning, improving efficiency has long been the dream of many manufacturers.

In many cases, the efficiency of the entire metal slitting line may be greatly reduced by a small number of machines. Therefore, it is necessary to check some common problems of machine parts when operating the sectioning line. Only in this way can we kill small problems in the bud.

Here are five ways to improve metal slitting machine efficiency.

1. For slitting machines with a large load on the production line, check whether the fastening bolts are loose frequently. If there is any problem, it can be handled in time to avoid accidents.

2. The positive and negative poles of the host uncoiler power source shall not be connected inversely.

3. When each machine in the production line is running, no one is allowed to pass through the rotating sheet in case of accidents.

4. Non-operators of the production line shall not touch the machine.

5. Make basic rules for cleaning machines to prolong the service life of machines.

With the rise of the high and new technology industry, CNC industry precision requirements are becoming higher and higher. In view of the development of the industry, the slitting line is gradually improving its cutting accuracy. In the process of tangent operation, the machining accuracy largely depends on the accuracy of the feeding system. Once there are feeding problems, such as not up to the required accuracy, paper jam, tilt, bending, etc., will have a serious impact on the processing efficiency of the whole production line. And it can greatly affect the quality of products.

In the face of the above problems, TX Machinery metal slitting equipment, in the feeding system to increase the manipulator fixture, automatic feeding. A high precision servo system is used to control the feeding accuracy, an electronic system is used to verify the accuracy and size, the sawing car adopts a linear precision guide rail. From the early feeding control to the mid-term size inspection, and then to the determination of the track, adopt high-tech electronic control, automatic feeding control system greatly improves the production efficiency of the whole production line, reduce the frequency of failure.

It is very important to improve the production efficiency and machining accuracy of high tangents. The operation of machines and production lines is dependent on regulations and operating methods. High production efficiency can only be achieved by operating in accordance with certain regulations.

Leading manufacturer of the metal slitting line machine

TX Machinery has experience in developing and manufacturing the metal slitting line machine for more than 30 years. TX is one of the leading producers of precision slitting lines, our slitting lines are suitable for process materials and production in steel mills, metal coil service centers, automotive and appliance industries such as stainless steel, aluminum, pre-painted steel, galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel, hot rolled steel, carbon steel, High strength steel, electrical steel, copper, brass and titanium.

TX type sectioning meets the highest requirements for machining quality and precision. Our production lines guarantee the best results of your cutting process, achieving the best cutting quality, slit width tolerances and precise retraction techniques.

We will develop, design and provide the best solution according to different requirements: speed, degree of automation, productivity, required surface type, strip thickness, strip width and coil weight, slit number, etc.

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