Safety precaution tips for the use of sheet metal roll forming machine

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What is a metal roll forming machine?

Metal forming is a manufacturing process to create structural parts and pieces of metal or tubing. Basic metal forming processes bend or deform metal parts into desired geometric shapes.

The metal roll forming machines work in which metal parts modify their geometry rather than removing any material. The application of the process produces a force, stress and deformation of the material. This in turn provides the possibility of bending and stretching the sheet into a variety of complex shapes.

This kind of machine operation needs professional operators, who must be familiar with the performance of the machine and operating procedures, in case of some safety problems.

The following are safety precautions that operators must take for metal roll forming machine equipment.

Install emergency control devices

To prevent any accidents, keep running and emergency stop controls must be installed on the winder.

Skilled and experienced operator

As with any other sheet metal forming process, sheet metal rolling must be performed by experienced and certified personnel. Because he knew the right way to handle the machine and was very aware of its dangers.

Carry out regular maintenance and repair

There are many moving mechanical parts in a metal mill that are easily worn out after a certain period of time. Maintenance and repair can be carried out to improve performance, however, it can also help prevent accidents. Therefore, the repair and maintenance here is a preventive measure.

Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Operators must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as workshop aprons, gloves, protective headbands and heat-resistant and flame-resistant glasses. The use of personal protective equipment is very important to reduce the chance of an accident. Proper clothing is essential; as loose clothing can get stuck in rollers or can be exposed to heat. To prevent operator accidents, attention must be paid to personal protective equipment and clothing. In addition, operators must avoid wearing any loose or fancy jewelry when using such equipment and sheet metal. That’s because loose jewelry can get trapped in the device or even melt as temperatures rise, causing accidents.

Safe working distance

Operators must operate at a safe distance on sheet metal rollers, especially when inserting metal sheets between hot rollers. As the machine consists of many moving mechanical parts, the operator must not touch any moving parts. Non-operators are forbidden to enter the work area and keep a distance of more than 2 meters from the equipment.

Environmental safety

The environment near the sheet metal rolling equipment must be well maintained. No temperature reaction objects or chemical reaction materials should be near to prevent accidents. After the work, the equipment should be shut down and the surrounding area cleaned.

The operation process of large machines always needs careful inspection and observation. The safety precautions of sheet metal rolling equipment are very detailed, and preventive measures should be followed when dealing with sheet metal.

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