The slitting blade is a very important and necessary tool in the slitting line

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A slitting blade, also known as a disc blade, is a slitting knife for sheet metal industry peeling equipment. Because of two groups of tool longitudinal engagement cutting, generally using 9Cr2Mo, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, 6CrW2Si, H13 and high-speed steel, hard alloy, full vacuum heat treatment, cryo treatment to ensure uniform hardness and named.

The role of slitting blade

In vinyl, film, fabric, paper, laminate and other industries, products are typically manufactured in large rolls of bulk material. Because these reels were too large to be used in the final product, many manufacturers had to convert the material to smaller reels, hence the “slitting” process. The blades used in the slitting process will have a significant impact on the final quality of the product. Therefore, it is important to choose the best slitting blade to use.

Type of slitting blade

Usually, we will slitting blade slitting form is divided into rotary blade slitting and circular slitter blade slitting.

  1. The rotary blade cutting is like a razor, the blade is fixed on the knife rest of the cutting machine, in the process of material operation, so that the tool longitudinal cutting material, to achieve the purpose of cutting. The single-sided rotary knife is more suitable for thicker, harder thick film cutting, while the double-sided blade is softer and more suitable for thinner materials.
  2. There are two main ways of circular slitter blades cutting: upper and lower plate knife cutting and circular slitter knife extrusion cutting. circular slitter blade cutting is the main cutting method for thick film, composite thick film, paper and other materials.

How to choose slitting blades?

1. Do not unilaterally pursue imported slitting blades, only pursue the slitting blades suitable for your slitting machine.

There is no best slitting blade, only the right slitting blade, the pros and cons of slitting blade is relative, and the cutting effect of slitting blade lies in the application. For example, the import cutting blade will not have a good effect if it is not properly used, while the domestic slinting blade will achieve satisfactory results if it is reasonable. This requires us to accumulate more in practice, more summery, and really find our own slitting blade.

2. The relationship between the performance, price and stability of the correct processor of the cutting blade.

In the relationship between them, the stability of the slitting blade is life, high cost performance is the goal of the pursuit. For example, the imported slitting blade is often used for high-speed slitting, but it is also a double-blade sword. The imported cutting blade adopts a new and efficient production model, which has higher requirements on equipment, process, cutting blade and cutting blade clamping system, so the investment in the early and late period is relatively high. In high-speed segmentation, many cases are at the edge of the limit. The stability of the slicing blade of imported will become a big problem, especially in the middle and late periods of equipment use, when the precision of the slicing blade decreases, it is obvious.

Leading manufacturer of metal slitting line machines and slitting blades

TX Machinery has experience in developing and manufacturing the metal slitting line machine for more than 30 years. TX metal slitting line is designed and manufactured with the highest accuracy, efficiency and performance for metal service centers, steel mills, the automotive industry and much other metal and non-ferrous material processing around the world. With many years of experience in the field of sheet metal processing, we have developed various types of special application slitting line machines with the most advanced technical solutions.

By working with the best manufacturer of toolings, TX also supplies the very high-quality toolings for the slitting line as below:

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