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The two main services of coil processing are cut to length line (CTL) and slitting

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What is coil processing?

Coil processing is the cutting of metal into smaller pieces or narrower coils. We cut coils in heavy and light length cutting lines, heavy and light slitters, precision blanking lines and stretch levelers. Materials can be machined, stenciled, labeled, and packaged to customer specifications. Coil processing is to process steel coil into various shapes and sizes. The two main services of coil processing are cut to length line (CTL), where the end product is thin or flat, and cut width (slitting), where the end product is silted coil.

Coil processing other services

As machines/equipment are similar, other sub-services of coil processing are as follows:

– Standardization of shape of deformed steel coil caused by logistics and storage errors

– Coils stretch or straighten wavy surfaces

– Rusted or deformed coil edges

Did you know that so much of what happens around us is a result of this process?

Aircraft, ships and yachts, household appliances, cars, water tanks, and even in buildings, like pre-designed buildings or cable trays to organize building electricity are made of steel plates and plates, which is the end result of coil processing.

Coil processing equipment and coil slitting machine

Interestingly, the above service only has two types of machines, but there is one key difference, and that is the cutting blade, i.e. the vertical cutting blade of the slitting machine and the horizontal cutting blade of the cutting length machine.

There may be many other small differences that have little impact on the actual process function.

How are coils made?

To simply express the feeling and liking of the machine, the process begins by placing a coil on a coil stand that can handle a variety of sizes based on the machine’s capabilities.

The coil support is responsible for lifting the coil to the level of the puller in order to pull the coil into a deeper hole, for the load of the straightener.

The leveler stretches and flattens the coil to eliminate the wave and transfers it to a either vertical or horizontal blade to handle the cutting length or smattering process.

There is a variety of scrap collection to different machines, the last coil is collected to the slitting machine and the unloading bay cut to length machine is packed.

Leading manufacturer of the metal coil processing machine

Foshan Te Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd is a China leading manufacturer of metallic processing machines, including slitting line, cut to length line, stainless steel polishing line, ERW tube mill line, roll forming machines, embossing line and etc.

TX Machinery’s metal cut to length line is designed and built with the highest accuracy, efficiency and performance to process a range of black and non-ferrous metal materials for metal service centers and steel mills, the automotive industry, the home appliance industry and many other industries around the world. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our metal cut to length lines.

TX metal slitting line is designed and manufactured with the highest accuracy, efficiency and performance for metal service centers, steel mills, the automotive industry and much other metal and non-ferrous material processing around the world. With many years of experience in the field of sheet metal processing, we have developed various types of special application slitting line machines with the most advanced technical solutions.

If you have any questions about our coil processing machine, welcome to send an email to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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