What is Flying Shear Cut-to-Length Line?

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What is flying shear?

Flying shear is a type of shear that is movable along with and parallel to the strips, under the circumstance of nonstop of strips finish the cutting operation, so as to improve the cutting efficiency, especially for long sheet cutting. Cut-to-length lines with flying shear can produce strips with perfect flatness and precise dimensions (width and thickness) according to customer requirements. Cut-to-length lines with flying shear are suitable for cutting hot-rolled sheets, aluminum sheets, stainless steel sheets, high strength steel sheets and etc.

Features and Functions of Flying Shear

The shear is typically mounted on a carriage that moves parallel to the material. The Flying Shear drive accelerates the carriage to synchronize with the line speed, at this point the shear can be activated. The carriage then decelerates and returns to its original position ready to cut again. The movement of flying shear is driven by servo motor and controlled by motion controller, so as to guarantee the tolerance of the cut length.

What is Flying Shear Cut-to-Length Line?

Flying shear cut-to-length line features shear acceleration and synchronization with strip speed to cut material without stopping the machine line. This allows the entire coil to be processed without accumulating downtime required for shear cycles, so that the cutting efficiency can be improved.

Components (some of them are optional) for a flying shear cut-to-length line:

Usually the flying shear cut-to-length-line including following parts: decoiler, pinch roll, straightener, edge trimmer, scraps rewinder, leveler, length measuring unit, flying shear, stacker, and etc.

Functions of Flying Shear Cut-to-Length Line

50m/min flying shear cut to length machine used for decoiling coil, leveling sheet then cutting sheet to required dimensions as per PLC order, then stacking sheets in pallet. it is widely used in steel plate, it is widely used in sheet business, punching, auto parts, coil processing, fittings, etc.

Applications of Flying Shear Cut-to-Length Line?

The flying shear cut-to-length line is to achieve better flatness accuracy and continuous production to reduce required space, and not necessary to build a looping pit.

Flying shear cut-to-length Line is mainly used for processing material like HR (hot-rolled steel), high tensile steel, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum and etc. The thickness range covers from 0.1 to 25mm. Line speed is 50m/min max.

The Cut-to-Length lines have met a variety of multiple applications for different industries as following listed:

Home appliance



Shipbuilding plant


Service Centers


Professional Flying Shear Cut-to-Length Line Supplier

TX’s flying shear cut-to-length line is designed to provide the highest precision, efficiency and performance in metal service centers and steel mills, the automotive industry, the household appliance industry and many other industries for machining a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in the world. If you are looking for high performance flying shear cut-to-length line, feel free to send an inquiry to info@txmachinery.net

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