What should be done about the common burr and radian in the process of coil slitting line process?

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Shearing is the most common value-added service in the supply chain of iron and steel enterprises. In many steel machining centers in the plate cutting and shearing slitting line process, there will be some similar common problems. The premise is that the difference between the device and the device itself is not taken into account. For example, burr, sickle bend, staggered roll, uneven roll, cutting edge wave and so on. The most common of these are burrs and radians.

What are burrs and radians during the slitting machine?

The burr and camber appearing in the shearing process are similar to but slightly different from the defects in the main production line of a steel mill (continuous rolling, hot rolling, etc.). The following is a physical picture of the common burr and camber defects in shear processing.

Spiral marks appear at the edges, and when the coil is unfolded, it is found that the cross-section of the strip edge is inconsistent. One section is the section, the other is the tear side, alternating. The burrs throughout the strip section are also large and wide. Tolerances vary widely and are essentially a form of extroversion. Similar cutting surface and width fluctuations will not affect the use of less demanding users but will have a negative impact on the subsequent high-precision, high-quality processing, not to mention the production of higher shear accuracy of products greater than 0.1 mm.

Analysis of burr and camber defects during slitting machine process

The investigation and improvement of the burr and warpage defects of slitting mainly focus on the slitting shears and their accessories. We can troubleshoot by detecting and controlling some key parameters. The inconsistent blade clearance will affect the stress distribution of the blade during shearing and the stability of the blade during long shearing. In the shearing process, the shearing edge is in a bending state, which not only produces burr and sickle bending but also produces edge waves when it is serious.

Cause analysis of burr and arc during slitting process:

1. The cutting gasket working face is damaged

The tolerance of parallelism of longitudinal shear gaskets at both ends is plus or minus 0.002mm. The minimum error of convex point can be found by the naked eye is more than 0.1mm. , directly affect the precision and quality of the products to be cut. The main cause of gasket damage is still under operation and maintenance. For example, workers are not in the habit of careless handling or may fall or be injured or during handling.

2. The gasket on the blade and knife shaft is stuck

In order to ensure the size of the product, the cutter shaft and blade are generally combined together to form a complete whole. Once all the blades and gaskets on the whole cutter shaft are not locked, the external force of the strip reaction force will change, and the blade will rotate with the cutter shaft, directly leading to the generation of a shear burr. The solution is simple: make sure it’s locked. However, locking is closely related to device configuration. There are two common locking methods: hydraulic and mechanical.

3. Tool rest is not parallel

The shearing process is formed by the interaction of upper and lower tool rest. Warping and burr can also occur if the upper and lower tool holders are not parallel and one of them is tilted. It is relatively easy to solve the problem of uneven cutter shaft, which can be quickly solved by equipment experts by adjusting worm gear and using professional testing equipment.

Slitting is a typical coil processing method. With the upgrading of the industry, as users have higher and higher requirements for product quality, they also put forward higher quality expectations for the sub-production line.

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