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Causes and countermeasures of abnormal phenomena during slitting line processing

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During the process of slitting line, we will encounter some abnormal phenomena. Before we know why we need to know what abnormal phenomena are encountered during tangent running? And how do we solve these anomalies? Here are some common slitting line anomalies:

Causes and countermeasures of abnormal coiling shape:

(1) soft roll: when the reel is removed from the reel, the elliptic soft roll phenomenon caused by the relaxation of the reel is also called the duck egg phenomenon.

(2) unevenness of coiling: similar telescope failure caused by the misalignment of steel coiling is called irregular coiling, or telescope.

The causes of slitting line uneven coiling and dislocation shapes are as follows:

1. Uneven coiling caused by insufficient tension.

If the tension is weak at the beginning of the coiling, it is easy to end the coiling out of alignment. So when the tension starts to increase, the larger the volume, the less the tension. This method can effectively prevent the occurrence of dislocation.

2. Dislocations caused by unbalance of coiling tension.

When the slitting line head of the coil is cut off, the flat Angle is not good, the bite is not good, the width of the uncoiler is not set correctly through the plate, and the length of the coil on both sides will be different when the plate is sent out to guide the rear longitudinal shear movement. Short sides tend to produce tension changes. Therefore, when rewinding the reel on the rewinding drum, it is best to confirm that the whole width direction of the reel is accurate, and close to the rewinding drum before rewinding the reel.

3. The misalignment caused by the bad bite of the pliers in the telescopic drum of the winder.

When the position of the supporting cutter head, the middle partition and the clamping position of the rewinding drum is different, the change of tension between the left and right reels of the rewinding machine will cause the rewinding dislocation.

4. Misposition of coiling caused by swing of steel belt in the looper.

The swing of the strip in the looper will cause the change of the Angle of the tensioning device, resulting in the misalignment of the coiling. Soft materials such as felt can be pressed against the steel belt to prevent it from swinging.

5. Coiling dislocation caused by the stall of the production line.

When the slitting line is stopped and started, when the tension between the tension device and the coiler is reduced, the contact pressure between the steel belt will be reduced, which is prone to transverse dislocation, leading to the dislocation of the coiler. Winding machine and sorting machine flexible use, effectively prevent winding misalignment.

6. Improper setting of separator width causes misalignment of coiling.

General partition width is set as finished product width + plate thickness. If it is too wide, a misalignment occurs when the plate moves from side to side.

(3) When the slitting line inner diameter arch, even if no abnormal coil occurs, when the steel coil is withdrawn from the reel, the expansion and contraction drum will shrink, and the expansion part of the expansion and contraction drum and adjacent parts will suddenly inner diameter arch phenomenon occurs. Thin plates smaller than 0.6 mm are more likely to occur. The use of paper tubes and boots also occurred. In addition, the increase in coil temperature during coiling is also noteworthy. Arching is caused by excessive tension in coiling.

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