Some important considerations when using the metal slitting line

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How does the metal slitting line work?

A metal slitting line works by cutting a large roll of metal into multiple narrower rolls. This is a very precise continuous production process. In fact, it’s one of the most accurate ways to cut metal compared to other processes. The slitting line is usually used in the machining industry. Although the slitting line is widely used, the quality is very good, but such an accurate way, in the use of the process of failure, is inevitable. Let’s look at what can go wrong on the tangent line.

When using the slitting line, note the following:

1. When rolling a narrow cylinder, it should be placed in the rolling center.

2. After the workpiece enters the cutting reel, avoid rolling hands and clothes into the reel.

3. The workpiece must be placed smoothly before it can be started. The signal should be clear and a person should be designated to direct it.

4. Do not put your hand on the rolled steel plate, and do not use templates for inspection. Check roundness with the template after the machine stops.

5. When the rolled workpiece pressure is insufficient, when rolled to the end of the steel plate, please reserve a margin to prevent the workpiece from falling and wounding.

6. During the working process, it is forbidden to stand on the workpiece or find roundness on the rolling cylinder.

7. When rolling large diameter cylinders or high data strength workpieces, some moving rollers should be reduced and repeated.

There is no need to worry about the problems in the use of the slitting line.

Stop the sectioning first, check where the problem is, and then take appropriate action to resolve the problem.

In general, the tangent is in operation most of the time, but at rest, it is necessary to interrupt the oil temperature drop of the tangent and the cooling effect of each component. If the installed tangent line does not meet the technical specifications, it is easy to cause sealing leakage, safety protection effect cannot be guaranteed, and even accidents may occur.

Valve oil leakage is usually caused by valve blockage or damage, generally should be replaced valve. Check the upper cylinder and port to make sure the tangent line is seamless. Some oil seals use too long, will lose elasticity due to rubber aging. In this case, it is necessary to remove the failed oil seal as soon as possible.

In addition, other problems may arise such as:

Many moving parts on the automatic slitting line are not installed correctly;

Journal and oil seal edge center is not aligned;

Prevent check valve and exhaust valve clogging;

The temperature in the slitting line tank increases, the entire space of oil and gas cannot be discharged, the pressure in the tank increases, the consumption of lubricating oil increases, and the circulation is shortened.

When maintaining the slitting line, oil leakage may occur because the dirt on the contact surface is not cleaned, the improper sealant is selected, the sealing direction is reversed, and the sealing strip is not replaced in time. Due to the interference of the pressure difference between the casing and the soft seal, oil leakage often occurs. Therefore, it is necessary to check, dredge and clean the hydraulic press regularly.

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