How to deal with the leveling machine when it has trouble?

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What is leveling machine?

Leveling machine (leveler) is the uneven metal sheet, through the up and down roller will be a certain thickness of the strip or plate extrusion, so as to achieve the smooth effect. It is called leveling machine. Leveler is mainly used to correct various specifications of the plate and cut into a block of the plate and is suitable for a variety of cold, hot rolled plate leveling.

Sometimes the equipment may get hot when using the leveling machine. Although the production process of leveling machine does not produce exhaust gas, waste smoke or dust as in other industries, it may produce noise. Let’s take a look at the treatment of heat and noise of the leveler.

How to deal with the leveling machine when it gets hot?

1. High-pressure regulation makes the speed ratio of the equipment faster and faster, resulting in burning out the sealing ring and baffle;

2. The tank is very small, resulting in the heat pipe heat dissipation standard deviation;

3. The radial clearance is too large or the sealing ring is damaged, resulting in internal leakage.

When using the leveling machine, the main parameters should be adjusted according to the use standard, and the heat should be dealt with in the natural environment immediately to achieve the actual use effect.

How to deal with the noise of leveling machine?

If it is found that the leveling machine produces noise in the actual operation process, it is necessary to find the essence of the problem, solve the problem essentially, and take preventive measures.

To solve the leveling machine in the process of running noise, first of all, to find out where the sound source. Common electromagnetic noise, ventilation noise, body resonance noise, bearing quality problems caused by noise. To sum up, it is found that the noise problem of straightening machines can be divided into electromagnetic noise and mechanical noise.

Mechanical vibration noise of leveling machine

The noise in modern control theory is the high-speed vibration caused by the unbalance of the net weight of the rotor. If this is determined to be a problem, check the leveling machine and equipment for trouble spots to avoid running with the disease.

Noise caused by motor bearing rotation

Under normal conditions, it produces a natural sound and has few problems except for small motors or high-speed motors running at high speeds. However, the inherent vibration of the bearing resonates with the material of the motor and produces frictional noise due to poor lubrication.

The fluid noise

This is the noise caused by the fan or rotor of the steel leveling machine, which is difficult to avoid for the motor. In many cases, the overall noise of the motor will be affected. Therefore, in addition to the air whistle caused by the blade or core teeth of the leveler, attention should also be paid to the resonance of ventilation.

Electromagnetic induced noise

Electromagnetic induction noise in all leveling machine working magnetic circuit imbalance caused by noise or magnetic field magnetic force and magnetic density wave, and magnetic saturation caused by noise relative density magnetic or magnetic density axial force.

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