Causes and countermeasures of some abnormal phenomena during the metal slitting processing

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What is a metal slitting line?

The metal slitting line or the slitting machine cuts the metal coil into strips of various widths required and then harvests the strips into small coils for the next process. It is the necessary equipment for precision cutting of transformer, motor and other metal strips. It is used for the main strip shear material tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel sheet, cold rolled strip steel, stainless steel belt, aluminium belt, steel belt and other coils.

The metal slitting line works by cutting a large roll of metal into a number of narrower rolls. It’s a continuous production process, very precise. In fact, it’s one of the most accurate ways to cut metal compared to other processes.

So how to do with the abnormal phenomenon of slitting machine processing?

  • Uncut

Although through the tangent line, but not cut, known as not cut or uncut.

A: It was not cut because the slitter shaft was bent up. Locking knife nut fastening is not tight; Thread wear of lower screw.

B: Uncut caused by the slitting machine shaft deflection. The load of plate shearing machine shaft is composed of shear load and fracture strength of plate shearing. When the tool is worn, the shear load increases and the tool shaft is deflected during the cutting process, resulting in no cutting.

  • The pollution of slitting machine

A: Separate the surface fibers of the tension plate and stick them to the steel plate.

B: The waste, oil, etc. from the material is accumulated on the tensioning plate and then transferred to the steel plate.

C: Pollutants from the slitting equipment are transferred to the steel plate.

D: Gloves and other contaminated items will adhere to the steel plate.

  • Insufficient width size

A: Size difference caused by lateral swing of cutting teeth of slitting machine. Dimensional difference due to lateral swing of the cutter and outside diameter difference. The lateral swing value of the tool can never be zero, and the lateral swing value of the general load is about 0.03-0.05mm. The reasons are the precision errors of blade thickness, inner diameter and distance width, as well as the warping caused by lateral stress when the thick plate is cut.

B: Width and size difference caused by lateral warping of steel plate of slitting machine. When the product is cut in the transverse warping state, the measured value is greater than the set value of the supporting knife.

C: The matching error between the gasket and the cutting tool of the slitting machine. The thickness accuracy of gasket and cutter is 0.005. When the blade number is larger, the cumulative error is larger.

D: Size difference caused by poor upper setting. The product width cut by metal scents is always slightly lower than the size of the supporting knife on the side of the product, so it is necessary to predict the extent of this difference in advance. When the knife is placed on the side of the product, refer to determine the size of the spacer.

E: The width change is caused by the cutting method of the slitter. Compared with the drive mode shear, the tension of the coil increases, the transverse warpage disappears and the size deteriorates.

F: Width difference caused by trimming. Reasons include poor side guide adjustment, and substrate width change. If the waste edge is not cut, the width will be poor.

G: Width difference caused by excessive tension of winding machine. When winding, once the tension is too large, the longitudinal tensile steel plate, the direction width decreases, the product width becomes narrow.

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