How to deal with knife marks and scratches in cut to length line processing?

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How to deal with knife marks and scratches in cut to length line processing ?

When the steel cut to length line is working, some errors may occur. The countermeasures can be found in the following parts:

(1) Knife marks appearing during the work of cut to length line

The mark is made by the inner edge Angle of the cut to length line tool on the surface of strip steel. It occurs on the edge thickness of the cutter, and continuous or intermittent cutter printing occurs.

A: Knife marks made by rubber ring and strip embossing. The knife printing is caused by the high rubber ring at the wide part of the supporting tool, the low rubber ring at the narrow part, or the high pressure of the pressure belt, and the inconsistency between the knife height and the passing plate.

B: Tool marks produced by partial tool and rubber ring. For the disc cutter, when the rubber ring is used, because the disc cutter swings in rotation, the surface of the finished product produces intermittent pressure, and the stress part is easy to wrinkle.

C: Folding caused by longitudinal swing of tool and rubber ring. In addition, cutter impressions occur when the cutter oscillates with the rubber ring. That is, the knife press produces intermittent knife imprint on the surface of the product. The main reasons are as follows: the inner diameter and clearance of the scimitar shaft are too large, and the clearance between the inner diameter of the gasket sleeve and the cutter shaft is too large (the rubber ring swings longitudinally).

D: Auxiliary knife printing. A slitting tool is usually installed next to the main tool in order to prevent the cut to length line from twisting due to lateral pressure. Now the outer diameters of the two blades are slightly different. Once a sharp subknife is used, knife marks are created. This can be prevented by using a once used auxiliary knife with a more rounded edge or by using an auxiliary knife with the same outer diameter.

(2) Coiling scratches occurred during the work of cut to length line

When the winding of cut to length line is relaxed, the inner layer of the winding will slip. There will be a variety of scratches on the surface of the steel plate, as well as scratches caused by repeated friction. In addition, even if the coil is normally wound, scratches can occur when the coil is wound at a strain exceeding normal tension.

A: The uncoiler takes the scratch. When the countertension of the uncoiler exceeds the rewinding tension of the base material, when the brake of the uncoiler is insufficient, or when the pressure of the uncoiler stop roll is insufficient, the coil will relax and scratch. In addition, the loose coil will be re-tightened and scratched when unwound on the machine. Once the uncoiler counter-tension is too large, the steel plate will suddenly tighten and loosen when uncoiling, and there will be scratches. Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce braking force when the work is completed.

B: The coiler is scratched. Loose coils are more likely to occur when the line is stopped and restarted. The loose shear outer ring, coil unwinding lateral imbalance will cause scratches. In addition, when the loose coil is inserted into the core shaft for rewinding, it will produce winding scratches.

C: Coiling wear of hand reamer. Loose coils held by hand expanders and contractors under inadequate tension can cause twisting mislocations and scratches. In addition, stripes in the looper can also be scratched when they overlap.

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