So what does the metal slitter do?

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Slitting is a machining service that cuts wide coils into narrower widths. It requires specialized machinery, and if done properly, a metal slitting machine can make additional machining faster and more accurate.

So what does a metal slitter do?

Maintain strict tolerances

Metal sashes are essential where strict tolerances are required. Metal thickness affects the machined and machined capacity of the material, so your manufacturing process helps determine its cutting needs.

Customers intending to use injection moulding, for example, will benefit from materials with tighter tolerances because they will have more leeway in the processing process.

Use consistent products

In addition to increasing the convenience of further processing, metal slitting makes the product more consistent. Materials with consistent measurements are easier to pass through processing equipment. This effectively saves time that would otherwise be spent on machine setup, supervision, and sizing maintenance.

Reduce waste

When you buy metal cuts close to the size of your finished product, what you buy rarely becomes scrap. Some of our customers even use the seam width as the width of their finished product so they don’t lose edge trims if they cut the sheet material.

As you can see from the information above, having your metal material slit to the right width for your application can help your project run more smoothly and complete faster.

TX Machinery has slitting machines and skilled workers to provide customers with a wealth of additional services. We are able to calibrate metal widths, precision slit metals, and even roll certain types of materials to special thickness ranges.

When looking for a metal service centre, you may consider a number of factors, including customer service, material quality and secondary service. A useful ancillary service is metal cutting.

How does metal slitting work?

Metal slitters take wide coils and cut them to narrow widths. This process can be used for inventory purposes or when the customer requires a specific width. Sheet metal scuttling requires specialized machinery, which, if done properly, can make additional processing faster and more accurate.

The benefits of metal slitting line

Metal cutting by service providers has many benefits, including achieving strict tolerances, maintaining product consistency, and reducing waste. Plus, buying pre-cut material to the width of the finished product means you won’t lose the material as you would cut sheet metal.

At TX Machinery, our coil cutters can cut metal of any width, from 24 inches to a quarter of an inch, according to customer requirements. We offer our cutting process for any quantity and all of our metals. We can even make cameos on the strips, as we did for one of our bait clients. Working with a company in the east, we were able to produce a hexagonal pattern for their narrow thread loops, saving them the time and money to add this embossing to the production process.

For more than 30 years, we have been providing our customers with first-class secondary services such as quality materials and metal service. Welcome to contact us at any time.

Leading manufacturer of metal slitting line machine

TX Machinery has experience in developing and manufacturing the metal slitting line machine for more than 30 years. TX is one of the leading producers of precision slitting lines, our slitting lines are suitable for process materials and production in steel mills, metal coil service centers, automotive and appliance industries such as stainless steel, aluminum, pre-painted steel, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, carbon steel, High strength steel, electrical steel, copper, brass and titanium.

TX type sectioning meets the highest requirements for machining quality and precision. Our production lines guarantee the best results of your cutting process, achieving the best cutting quality, slit width tolerances and precise retraction techniques.

We will develop, design and provide the best solution according to different requirements: speed, degree of automation, productivity, required surface type, strip thickness, strip width and coil weight, slit number, etc.

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