The faults that are prone to occur in the slitting line and the solution

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The slitting line is a line commonly used in the metal machining industry. Although The slitting line is of good quality, it will inevitably fail in The process of use. Let’s take a look at the faults that are prone to occur on the Slitting line.

Note the following when using the slitting line:

1. When rolling the narrow tube, it should be placed in the rolling centre.

2. After the workpiece enters the slitting line reel, it should be avoided to embroil hands and clothes into the reel.

3. The slitting line must be placed smoothly before it can be started. The signal should be clear and a person should be designated to direct it.

4. Do not put your hand on the rolled steel plate, and do not use the template for inspection. After stopping, check roundness with the template.

5. When the pressure of the rolled workpiece is insufficient, when rolling to the end of the steel plate, please reserve a certain margin to prevent the workpiece from falling and wounding.

6. During the working process, it is forbidden to stand on the slitting line workpiece or look for roundness on the rolled cylinder.

7. When rolling a large diameter cylinder or high data strength workpiece, some moving rollers should be reduced and repeated.

Use the Slitting line solution

Don’t worry when the slitting line has problems in use. Stop working on the slitting line first, check which parts have problems, and then take appropriate measures to solve the problem.

Generally, the slitting line is in operation most of the time, but when the Slitting line is resting, it is necessary to interrupt the oil temperature drop of the Slitting line and the cooling effect of each component. If the installation of the slitting line does not conform to the technical specifications, it is easy to cause sealing leakage, the safety protection effect cannot be guaranteed, and even accidents may occur.

Valve leakage is usually caused by a blocked or damaged valve and should usually be replaced. Check the upper cylinder and ports to make sure there are no gaps in the slitting line. Some oil seals use too long, and will lose elasticity due to rubber aging. In this case, it is necessary to remove the failed oil seal as soon as possible.

Other problems that may arise include:

Incorrect installation of many moving parts on the automatic slitting line;

Journal and oil seal edge centre misalignment;

Prevent check valve and exhaust valve clogging; The whole space can not be discharged, the pressure in the tank increases, the consumption of lubricating oil increases, and the cycle is shortened.

When the slitting line is repaired, oil leakage may occur because the dirt on the contact surface is not cleaned, the sealant is improperly selected, the sealing direction is reversed, and the seal is not replaced as soon as possible. Because of the interference of air pressure difference between inside and outside the casing, soft seal oil leakage often occurs. Therefore, it is necessary to check, dredge and clean the hydraulic press regularly.

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