How To Improve the Efficiency of Slitting Line?

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Slitting line cuts longitudinally coils of steel, aluminum, copper, or brass to create multiple specified widths, the slit coils are provided to the secondary users (e.g., metal stampers, tube producers, or rollformers), and then use the finished coils in production.

The efficiency of the slitting line is very important for slitting line users and manufacturers. How to improve the efficiency of slitting line? Firstly, we need to know what affects the efficiency of the slitting line.

Basically, the slitting line consists of three main parts: uncoiler, slitting head and coiler. The process begins with the loading of the primary coil onto the uncoiler via the inlet coil car. The uncoiler unwinds the coil onto the peeler, allowing the coil head to enter the edge guides and a set of pinch rollers that guide the coil into the slitter head. The slitter head consists of two mandrels fitted with rotating slitting knives, which then divide the coils into narrower strips. Finally, the multiple strips will pass through a tensioning device and into the Recoiler, which will rewrap the cut material into narrow coils onto the mandrel. The multiple strips pass through a separation device mounted on the Recoiler to keep the cut product isolated. It is then taken out of the coiler by the exit coil car and into the packaging equipment or bundling line.

Usually, the efficiency of the slitting line may be reduced by parts failure of the machine. A small problem of machine may cause serious problem for the slitting line. In order to ensure the high performance of slitting machine, we need to choose a reliable slitting line first. Then, what we need to do is to make sure every part of the machine in silting line working properly and carefully maintained.

5 tips on how to improve the efficiency of slitting line:

1. For machine parts with large production load in the slitting line, it is a must to frequently check whether the fastening bolts are loose. If there is a problem, it can be handled in time to avoid accidents.

2. The positive and negative poles of the power supply of the host uncoiler cannot be reversed.

3. When each machine of the production line is running, no one is allowed to pass on the rotating sheet to prevent accidents.

4. Those who are not operators of this production line are not allowed to touch the machine.

5. Make basic rules for cleaning machines to extend the life of the machine.

6. Make sure the lubrication is done sufficiently and regularly.

Till now you should know how to improve the efficiency of slitting line. In short, choosing a reliable and high efficiency slitting line is the first and essential step. If you failed to choose a reliable slitting line, you may get in great trouble.

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