What is the specific job content of the slitting line machine operator?

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Introduction to the metal slitting line

The metal slitting line machine is used for unwinding, slitting and rewinding metal coils into strips of the required width. It is suitable for processing cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all kinds of metal materials coated and plated on the surface, and rewinding the cut narrow strip into rolls.

Metal Slitting line machine is operated by professional operators, easy to operate, with high cutting quality, high material utilization rate, cutting speed step-less speed regulation and other characteristics. It is often used in transformers, motors, household appliances, automobiles, building materials, the packaging industry and other industries.

What is the specific job content of the slitting line machine operator?

As we all know, almost every machine has its own operator. Metal Slitting line machine is no exception. They also have their own slitter operators. But do you know exactly what a Slitting line machine operator does? How do they operate the Slitting line machine to make it work?

Slitting line machine operators work in factories and operate equipment to cut metal materials into slats of a certain length and width. They use a variety of raw materials, such as metals, and each project has unique specifications and production guidelines. Their responsibilities include loading the product, properly aligning it, and ensuring that all cuts are made to specifications throughout the machine. Their responsibilities include the safe operation of equipment, including necessary maintenance and documentation.

Slitting line machine

The detailed introduction of the operator of the metal slitting line machine is as follows:

1) The slitting line machine operator operates the slitting line machine to cut continuous length metal materials into strips of specified width: according to the width of the strips, a rotating blade is set aside on the shaft of the machine, and the fixed screw is rotated with a hexagonal wrench to fix the blade in the appropriate position.

2) The roller or bolt of the material is installed on the cutting machine bracket, and the thread of the material is threaded through the pull rod, between the feeding roller, and under the rotating blade.

3) Wrap both ends of the slit material around the suction tube I.

4) Start the Slitting line machine, observe the flow of materials through the machine, and find irregular slitting and coiling.

5) Move the lever to stop, start and adjust the speed of the Slitting line machine to align the material with the rotating blade.

6) Remove the winding shaft and remove the narrow winding material.

7) Stack materials on shelves according to their width.

After reading the above introduction, do you have an understanding of the Slitting line machines and Slitting line machine operators?

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