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Overview of the cold roll forming technology

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Overview of the cold roll forming technology

Cold roll forming technology is a plastic processing method in which the whole strip passes through a number of different holes, in turn, gradually bending and deforming in part, gradually approaching the shape of the whole section of the finished product, and finally obtaining the full-length uniform section of the product. The pass is formed by the outline of two or more forming rollers with a certain shape (also known as roller wheels, rollers), which may be horizontal or vertical rollers. Pass shape is one of the important factors affecting product quality and productivity. The forming roller is installed on the frame, and the forming roller responsible for driving the plate belt forward is driven by the motor through the transmission system. Generally, only the horizontal roller is the active roller, and the vertical roller is often the passive roller. Each frame is called a cold roll forming machine, each roll forming machine is equipped with two or more forming rollers, and each column forming unit is composed of more than two forming machines.

The development history of cold roll forming technology

Paul BAP, the founder of Profilafroid, introduced steel profiles made from coils (or coils) in France in 1930, which had been developed in other countries. Especially in the US, UK and Germany. The process, originally implemented on cold drawing machines, has been revolutionized by the use of roller machinery known as profiles, allowing continuous production and being faster than drawing machines. Cold roll forming is similar to the bending process in technology. It is not a pure rolling process, but a special production method. The profile made by this method has a thin wall, small weight, but large stiffness, complex shape and large length.

Applications of cold roll forming technology

Cold roll forming products are hot rolled or cold rolled into a strip by longitudinal shearing, under normal temperature conditions, after a group of longitudinal rollers, gradually deformed, to meet the requirements of the shape, this processing method is also known as roll forming method. In many cold-formed products, cold-formed square rectangular pipe occupies a considerable proportion, widely used in construction steel structure, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and other fields.

The cold-formed steel products with openings and hollow sections of various specifications and shapes can be produced by roller cold-formed technology.

Because the Cold roll products have the advantages of smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy, better section performance per unit mass than the same type of hot rolled products, and have the dual effect of material saving and energy saving. Therefore, Cold roll products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing, transportation industry, construction industry and so on. With the increasing demand for cold-bending products, the requirements of varieties, specifications and quality of the products are also improving, which further promotes the rapid development of cold roll forming technology.

Leading manufacturer of roll forming machine

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