rotary shear cut to length line

Working principle and main features of rotary shear cut to length line

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What is rotary shear cut to length line?

Rotary shear cut to length line is mainly used for precise leveling and cutting products of CR, S.S, Al and other materials. The special advantage of this production line is non-stop cutting, to avoid micro-indentation caused by stopping cutting. Suitable for high-precision aluminum plate, mirror S.S plate and other short-cutting length products.

The rotary shear cutting is composed of three parts: expansion, leveling and transverse cutting of metal strip with a set length, and a suitable blanking system is adopted. The rotary shear line enables non-stop shearing with higher speed, better accuracy and better surface protection compared to stop-start-shear-cut lines.

Working principle and main features of rotary shear cut to length line machine

Rotary shear cut to length line is a kind of continuous-operation line. This CTL does not require a looping pit. The cutting is completed by the rotary shear, which is in double eccentric construction. Today’s double eccentric shears operate in a different way. The upper and lower shear blade beams perform an eccentric movement that is smooth because it is similar to a rotary movement and not like an alternating forward and reverse movement. During the complete eccentric movement, the blades remain in the vertical position to help minimize burr. The strip does not need to be accelerated and decelerated for each cut, reducing the risk of strip slippage.

The shear frame itself remains fixed, so wear is reduced and the shear can move quickly within the frame. Depending on the line design, the shear can perform continuously at strip speeds up to 330 feet per minute (100 meters per minute).

In a continuous eccentric shear line, the bottleneck is not the shear operation, but the maximum speed the stacker can handle or the capacity of the packing line. The material does not stop for cutting, so the average strip speed usually can be increased, resulting in a higher overall output of the cut-to-length line.

Leading manufacturer of metal cut to length line

Foshan Te Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd is a China leading manufacturer of metallic processing machines, including slitting line, cut to length line, stainless steel polishing line, ERW tube mill line, roll forming machines, embossing line and etc.

TX Machinery’s metal cut to length line is designed and built with the highest accuracy, efficiency and performance to process a range of black and non-ferrous metal materials for metal service centers and steel mills, the automotive industry, the home appliance industry and many other industries around the world. According to the dimensions, the thickness of the material, and production capacity, TX’s cut-to-length cutting lines can be divided into various types:

1)start-stop shear CTL line

2)flying shear CTL line

3)rotary shears CTL line

4)trapezoidal shear CTL line

5)heavy gauge CTL line

6)flat bar cut to length line

TX’s CTL line can be incorporated with air-cushioned, bomb-door type stackers, computer-controlled high-precision 4 HI and 6 HI levellers, edge trimmer and etc. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our metal cut to length lines.

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