How does the flying shear cut to length line work?

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What is the flying shear?

Flying shear (also known as a fly knife), transverse shear running of the rolled piece called flying shear, the shearing machine is a kind of can quickly cut off the iron, steel, paper processing equipment, metallurgical steel rolling industries, the high-speed wire rod and rebar scale shears, is the product in modern rolling bar shearing, has the characteristics of less consumption, lower investment cost. Flying shear is a common industrial application that cuts continuous products to a set length at a linear speed.

The main production process is not interrupted, thus maximizing machine productivity. Flying shear applications usually involve cutting the moving material to a predetermined length “in time” without stopping the movement of the material. Though flying shears can maximize productivity, the material in the cutting process will not slow down or stop, thus realize it might be a particularly challenging application because the cutting tools (referred to as the “shear”) must be with material precise synchronous web – otherwise, the cutting may be in the wrong position or incomplete, resulting in material scrap and downtime.

How does the flying shear cut to length line work?

A flying shear cut to length line assembly allows for the shear to accelerate and synchronize to strip speed to cut material without stopping material feed. This allows for processing an entire coil of strip without accumulating the downtime necessary for shear cycles.

Flying shear control technology, cutters are usually mounted on brackets that move parallel to or at an Angle to the product flow. The flying shear drives the accelerated guide rail to synchronize it with the linear speed, at which point the cutting tool can be activated. The wagon then slows down and returns to its original position ready to cut again. There are many other similar applications in which the carriage must be online speed synchronized, and these can also be used using Control Technology Inc. flying shear control software.

The drive configuration uses a choice of engineering units, such as millimeters or inches. This means that the configuration of the system is easy, either through the interface or by entering configuration parameters directly on the drive.

The wing profile was optimized for each application by splitting the synchronous portion of the profile into three zones: fixed time, cut time, and tool rise time. The driver will calculate the profile and perform checks to ensure that the input parameters are achievable, the given length of the motion, and the desired length of the cut.

Application of flying shear cut to length line

Typical applications include various types of cutting length machines, printing, packaging, depositing, punching, product inspection, or any other process in which synchronous linear speeds are required.

TX developed this rotary flying shear cut to length line to achieve better flatness accuracy and continuous production, and to reduce the space required.

TX flying shear production line can be used for processing hot rolled steel, high strength steel, pre-coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. Thickness ranges from 0.1 to 25mm. Maximum linear speed 50m/min. Flying shear crosscutting line is generally composed of uncoiler, pinch roller and straightening device, leveling device, length measuring device, flying shear, stacking device (can be equipped with edge cutting machine, coating machine, cutting machine and other equipment).

TX flying shear cut to length line is suitable for light, medium and heavy specifications of wire cutting.

Leading manufacturer of flying shear cut to length line

Foshan Te Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd is a China leading manufacturer of metallic processing machines, including slitting line, cut to length line, stainless steel polishing line, ERW tube mill line, roll forming machines, embossing line and etc. If you are looking for the high-performance flying shear cut to length line, feel free to send an inquiry to contact us.

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