Here is an introduction to three types of the flying shear cut to length line

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What’s the flying shear?

The flying shear used for transversely shearing rolled pieces is called mill flying shear. Commonly the flying shear cross-cutting line is composed of decoiler, pinch roll & straightening unit, leveling unit, length measuring unit, flying shear, stacking unit (additional equipment like side trimmer, PVC film applicator, Crop shear…can be incorporated). TX’s flying shear is applicable for light gauge, medium gauge, and heavy gauge cut-to-length lines. There are many types of flying shears, here is an introduction to some of them.

1. Disc flying shear

Disc flying shear consists of two or more pairs of disc-shaped blades. Generally, it is installed in front of the cooling bed to roughly cut the rolled pieces, so that the rolled pieces entering the cooling bed will not be too long; It can also be installed in front of the finishing mill to cut off the end of the rolled piece, so as to ensure the smooth rolling of the finishing mill. Because of its reliable operation and simple structure, it has been widely used in small rolling locomotives.

2. Double drum flying shear

The working principle of double drum flying shear is as follows: two blades are fixed on two drums radially. The rolled piece moving along the roller table is cut by two blades when passing between two rollers. The circumferential speed of the blade should be slightly greater than the moving speed of the rolled piece, otherwise, the rolled piece will bend at the entrance during shearing. This kind of flying shear is widely used to cut section steel and a steel plate in motion.

3. Crank rotary flying shear

The shearing mechanism of crank rotary flying shear is composed of a four-bar mechanism. The cutting edge moves roughly in the plane in the shear area and is perpendicular to the surface of the rolled piece. Therefore, the cross-section of the rolled piece is relatively straightforward. The cutting mechanism of flying shear is composed of a tool holder, eccentric sleeve and swing rod. One end of the tool holder is fixed on the eccentric sleeve, and the other end is connected with the swing rod. The swing fulcrum of the swing rod is hinged on the column. When the eccentric sleeve (crank) rotates, the tool holder moves in translation, and the blade fixed on the tool holder can be perpendicular or nearly perpendicular to the rolled piece. Crank rotary flying shear is generally used to cut thick steel plates or billet.

Leading manufacturer of flying shear cut to length line

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TX’s flying shear cut to length line can be applied for processing material like HR (hot-rolled steel), high tensile steel, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum and etc. The thickness range covers from 0.1 to 25mm. Line speed is 50m/min max. If you are looking for a high-performance flying shear cut to length line, feel free to send an inquiry to contact us.

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