The introduction to metallic processing and sheet metal process 

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The machine metal working process

The metal processing industry involves many fields of metal recovery. These areas include sheet metal processing, steel processing and precious metal processing. Some metalworking facilities may specialize in recycling specific metal types, while others may handle multiple metal types.

The metallic processing machine is carried out on machines with predefined tools for machining. One of the main advantages of machine metalworking is precision and speed. As machines replace people, processing errors are reduced to a minimum.

It is necessary to process the metal in order to use it for further purposes. Metalworking is the process by which metal changes its size, shape, or certain properties so that it can be used later in the process. The metal itself can be worked by hand or machine. The choice of metalworking depends on its future use. Countless everyday items are made of sheet metal or sheet metal. So what is the process of sheet metal technology?

Sheet metal is produced by processing various metals such as aluminum, brass and copper into sheets. This process usually has four stages: melting stage, casting stage, pickling stage, and rolling and annealing stage

Four stages of sheet metal process

1. The melting stage

Because metal can be made into sheet metal, the metal needs to be workable. To do this, the metal is melted into workable, uniform ingots, which are then flattened into thin sheets. No matter what metal is used, the metal stage always comes first in sheet metal manufacturing.

2. Pouring stage

Once the metal is completely liquefied, it is poured from the crucible into a rectangular mold. During this process, the metal must remain liquid so that it does not start to harden outside the mold. Once the metal cools, it forms a mold shape and becomes a rectangular object called an ingot.

3. Pickling stage

After cooling, the ingot is cleaned in the pickling stage. This stage requires the use of a chemical mixture to clean the ingots for later processing.

4. Rolling and annealing stage

Once cleaned, the rolling and annealing process begins, with two large rollers moving repeatedly to thin the metal, each time closer together to achieve the desired thickness. As the ingot is repeatedly passed through the roll, the ingot becomes harder. Sometimes it is necessary to anneal the metal repeatedly throughout the rolling process. The annealing process involves heating the metal and pickling it again, then rolling it again. However, the metal is only reheated and pickled, not melted.

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