What’s the difference between metal iron and steel?

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The importance of metals in today’s industry

Today’s world is inconceivable without metal structures. The application of metal structures extends from the automobile industry to Bridges. While concepts like iron, metal and steel are used every day, the question is whether there is a difference between them? A common everyday mistake is to use iron, metal and steel as synonyms. And there are certain differences between them.

What’s the difference between metal iron and steel?

What is metal?

A metal, or metallic element, is a chemical element, so named because the atoms in a crystal grid are connected by metal chains. Chemically speaking, metals found in nature are pure and do not contain any additives. In addition, each metal has its own physical and chemical properties that determine its behavior.

In addition to the above division, metals can be divided into precious metals, semi-precious metals and ordinary metals. Metals are classified according to their resistance to corrosion. Thus, precious metals resist all types of corrosion, while ordinary metals are vulnerable to it.

All metals have smooth surfaces and excellent workability. However, due to the reflexivity of laser cutting, laser cutting also has some problems. In nature, they exist mainly as solids, except for mercury, which is liquid.

Is there a difference between metal and steel?

There is a difference between metal and steel. Stainless steel, for example, cannot be classified as a metal, but as an alloy, because of the different chemical composition and properties of metals and steels. In contrast to alloys, metals themselves do not have any mixture in structure.

Although in fact, steel is not a metal, it still has the properties of a metal. For example, steel plates can have a smooth surface like metal when viewed through a prism. Steel, like all metals, is a good conductor of electricity and heat. However, because they are not homogeneous, they cannot be placed in the metal category of the periodic table.

What is the difference between steel and iron?

The factor that affects the significant difference between steel and iron is its properties. This is why stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and has good thermal conductivity and mechanical properties, making it one of the most widely used construction metals.

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