What is steel processing – The process of shaping and supporting our world

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Hot molten steel poured into the vats, creating a bright orange glow, smoke and sparks.

It is easy to take for granted the miracle of mass production of steel. In recent years, every billion tons of steel has flowed out of facilities and entered the fields of home appliances, automobiles, aeroplanes, construction and roads. However, the steel processing process we enjoy today has been developed over the centuries, and today it is moving in a greener, more environmentally friendly direction.

What are the steps in shaping and supporting our world?

Raw material:

As in the past, much of today’s steel processing begins with mined raw materials: iron ore, coal and limestone. Molten iron made from these primitive materials is converted into steel by a basic oxygen furnace or a modern electric arc furnace

An iron ore mining operation shows a giant elevated conveyor belt, like a wide, low crane, dumping material onto the earthen ground against a backdrop of forests and green hills under a cloudy sky.

However, the steel industry’s commitment to green processes means that 70m tonnes of steel are recycled each year in the US, and the energy and raw materials saved by the US steel industry are staggering. According to World Steel, “A basic oxygen furnace can be filled with up to 30 percent scrap steel. The electric furnace can be filled with 100% scrap steel. On average, new steel products contain 37 percent recycled steel.”

Refine, adjust, cast:

After molten steel is produced, a series of different processes are required, the most basic of which is the addition or removal of elements to control the final properties of the steel. There are currently over 3,000 steel grades, each with different element balances and heating adjustments to produce the desired properties. This includes advanced high strength steel grades.

When it goes through the secondary steelmaking process, the molten steel is cast into a “blank,” a billet, or slab, that prepares the steel for its final physical shape.

Moulding, manufacturing and processing:

The steel processing service centre then accepts billets, billets and thick plates to form deliverable steel products. This includes forming steel by hot and cold rolling and applying the following processes:

Steel blanking

Iron and steel pickling

Steel tank






Flame cutting



Supplier of steel deep-processing machinery

The steel service centre then delivers the steel to the final manufacturers, who turn it into other final consumer goods such as cars and appliances.

Deep processing of iron and steel is to process various plates, pipes and wires in the original state of iron and steel into products that can be directly used by users through cutting, straightening, flattening, thinning, hot rolling, cold rolling and stamping.

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