What is the roller straightening?

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What is roller straightening?

Roller straightening machine is a straightening machine that uses two rows of staggered straightening rollers to bend the rolled material repeatedly to correct the rolled material. It is mainly used for straightening steel pipe, removing the defects such as longitudinal bending and transverse section unsoundness after steel pipe forming and welding, and eliminating the organizational stress on steel pipe weld due to the high temperature of welding.

Roll straightening is the correction of shape defects caused by repeated bending when the rolled material passes between two rows of staggered rollers. Roll straightening is carried out on a roll straightening machine or inclined roll straightening machine. A Roller straightening is widely used in the straightening of sheets, strips and profiles, and an inclined roller straightening is used in the straightening of pipe and bars. Roll straightening is an important process in sheet metal production. Due to the step change of straightening force in the process of straightening bite and tail swing, the straightening effect will be affected by the change in the length of the whole plate straightening and the change of the pressing process.

Structure of roller straightening:

Roller straightening machines according to the use and structure of the different, can be divided into plate roller straightening machines, steel roller straightening machines and pipe and bar oblique roller straightening machines. A Roller straightening is mainly composed of a motor, reducer, gear seat, connecting shaft and straightening roller working frame and other components.

1. Plate straightening machine: plate straightening machine according to the arrangement and adjustment method of the straightening roller, the types are: parallel roll straightening machine, adjustable correction roll deflection straightening machine, inclined roll straightening machine, etc.

2. Parallel roller straightening machine: the upper and lower rows of the parallel roller straightening machine are arranged in parallel, the lower row of rollers is fixed, and the upper row of rollers can be adjusted separately.

3. Tilt roller straightening machine: the straightening machine of the lower row of rollers is fixed, the upper row of rollers installed in the adjustable adjustment of the upper frame, and the upper row of rollers can be adjusted to a slope with the lower row of rollers.

4. Tube and bar straightening machine: used for correcting tube and bar roller straightening machine is usually called inclined roll straightening machine. Oblique roller straightening machine of the correction roll tilt placement, when the tube and bar into the straightening machine, it in addition to forwarding motion, but also for rotary motion. In the straightening process, the tube and bar are flattened by repeated bending deformation of several rollers. The inclined roll straightening machine is divided into three rolls, five rolls, six rolls and seven rolls according to the number of rolls.

Working principle of roller straightening machine:

The size and direction of the original bending curvature of the metal are different. The roller straightening makes the metal bend repeatedly many times to eliminate the uneven curvature, so as to make the curvature from large to small and make it flat.

In the roller straightening machine, according to the different amounts of metal deformation (press down) caused by each roller, there are two kinds of proposed correction schemes: a small amount of deformation correction scheme and a large amount of deformation correction scheme.

Small deformation correction scheme: The so-called small deformation correction scheme is to assume that each roll of the straightening machine can be adjusted separately, and the adjustment principle of the pressure down of each roll is: after the metal entering the roll is a backbend and rebounded, its maximum original curvature should be completely eliminated, that is, the part can be flattened.

Large deformation correction scheme: due to the change of the original curvature of the corrected metal and its difficulty to determine accurately, a large deformation correction scheme is often adopted in production.

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