How to avoid common defects in metal shearing?

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In metal manufacturing, metal shearing is a major process that can be found in almost every store. However, metal shear defects are also found in the metal shear process. Persistent problems such as rough edges of burrs, edge distortion, distortion, bending, or bending are all defects that can be corrected with the right machine, the right setup, and the right maintenance. This article describes what these common shearing problems are, what causes them, and of course how to fix them.

The burrs

A rough edge is a common defect in the operation of metal shears. This is usually caused by inappropriate “gap” shearing blades or just plain blades. The “clearance” or distance between the upper and lower blades is critical to the shears’ successful operation and no-burr results and needs to be set differently for each type and thickness of the material you use. The clearance is too large, and if the clearance is seriously out of specification, the edges will be torn rather than cleanly cut or even rolled. The clearance between the blade and the shears is too small to pass through the material without stopping due to overload. Make sure you are consulting the metal shear manufacturer’s manual to set up the appropriate clearance for your particular machine, material type and thickness.

Deformation of the edge

Deformed edges when cutting metal can be caused by severely incorrect blade shear clearance, passivated or damaged blades, or incorrect compression device or compression pressure. To correct distorted or “curled” edges, make sure you first ensure that blade clearance is set correctly for the type and thickness of the material you are using. Next make sure your blade is sharp and undamaged. Once you have checked the clearance and blade condition, check your fixtures to ensure that they hold the material firmly in place throughout the shear cycle and do not allow the material to flip up or slip. Finally check the short arm or plunger pivot bearing of your plate cutter, because your machine may have too large a gap in the plunger middle, causing the upper blade to spring back when it collides with the material, the only solution for this situation is machine repair.

The twist

Another common metal shear defect is material “distortion”. It is best described as the tendency of a cut piece of material to curl into a spiral or spiral shape after being cut. More generally in thin shear sections, distortion is usually caused by an excessively large front Angle. If your shears have adjustable front angles, make sure you have reduced them to a minimum suitable for the type of material and thickness you are cutting. Although the distortion may be caused by the properties of the material itself, it is more likely to be caused by an excessively large front Angle.

The bow

Another common shearing problem is “bending”. During metal shearing, the material can “bend” downward. Defects in metal parts are also most common when cutting long, thin strips of material. Usually, this is caused by the inherent stress of the material itself and does not necessarily indicate a problem with the shears or their operation. To ensure that you eliminate any possibility of a plate cutter setup, reduce the front Angle as small as possible. Although unlikely, a high rake Angle can also cause “bending” during shearing.

Camber Angle

Bending is another problem that can arise when the sheared material is removed from the sheet without twisting. Although this problem is almost entirely related to the stress of the material itself, it can be reduced by increasing the plunger speed, changing the grain orientation of the material being sheared, or adjusting the front Angle of the metal shearer, if applicable.

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