What is a coiler in the Sheet metal industry?

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What is a coiler?

Coiler also called recoiler, which is the auxiliary equipment in the rolling workshop for slitting coiling hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel into a roll shape, which is arranged behind the finished product stand on the hot strip mill (hot strip mill), cold strip mill and wire rod mill; The single stand reversible cold strip mill is installed in the front and rear of the mill. In addition, it is also installed in various finishing units such as continuous pickling units, longitudinal shear, annealing, coating, etc. The coiler is applied in many industries, and the steel plate coiler in the metallurgical industry is the most representative. The drive comes from electric power and fluid. Have any questions about the coiler, cold-rolled, slitting, please feel free to contact TX Machinery.

Due to the characteristics of product section shape, cold and hot strip steels and wire rods may be bent into coils by coiler immediately after rolling, which provides powerful conditions for increasing the weight of raw materials, increasing the rolling speed and reducing the temperature difference between the head and tail of rolled pieces, resulting in the improvement of product yield and quality; In addition, the rolled material in coils is easy to transport, which is the common feature and function of various types of coilers.

Working principle of coiler

Coiler with tension reel shall be used in reversible or irreversible cold-rolled steel plate or strip rolling line. This coiler is not only used to the coil (unfold) rolled pieces, but also to generate tension for rolled pieces. This is to keep the rolling process stable, make the plate coil tighter, and make the rolled pieces have the correct direction when feeding into the roll and rolling out from the roll. In the rolling process, it is generally necessary to maintain the pre-tension and post-tension. Depending on these tensions, the pressure acting on the roll during rolling can be reduced, and the warpage of the strip steel can be reduced, which is conducive to improving the surface quality of the strip steel.

In the process of coiler coiling strip steel, the coil diameter is changing, which causes the continuous change of coiling speed. In order to adapt the coiling speed to the rolling speed and keep the tension constant during strip rolling, the speed of the coiler is required to be adjustable, and the speed regulation range shall adapt to the change of rolling speed and the change of coil diameter. Therefore, an adjustable DC motor drive is generally used.

After rolling, the steel coil shall be unloaded from the drum. Therefore, the coiler drum must be made of a cantilever type. However, the reel reels the strip steel under great tension, so the reel shaft has to bear a great load (including the weight of the reel, the weight of the strip steel coil, and the moment caused by bending the strip steel and tension, etc.). In order to ensure the rigidity and strength of the drum shaft and reduce the bending of the drum shaft, in addition to increasing the size of the drum shaft, rotatable support is generally installed at the free end of the drum. When coiling strip steel, the support supports the free end of the drum; When unloading the coil, the support turns to the side, which does not hinder the unloading of the coil.

Application of coiler

Coiler is used in many industries. Coiler is a kind of mechanical equipment that rolls products into coils. In terms of complexity, the steel plate coiler in the metallurgical industry is representative. The coiler is driven by electricity, fluid, etc. Coiler generally consists of core equipment drum (reel), auxiliary coiling equipment (auxiliary forming equipment), auxiliary coiling roller (forming roller), etc. In the process of product coiling, the product is mainly formed on the reel. The reel is generally driven by the motor. The auxiliary cooling equipment auxiliary roll is generally driven by the motor to rotate. The fluid hydraulic cylinder drives the auxiliary roll to move to help the smooth coiling.

Coiler is mainly used for winding long rolled pieces into coils or plate coils. In the modern cold rolling strip workshop, coiler is also widely used in shearing, pickling, polishing and heat treatment after grinding, tin plating and galvanizing. Due to the technological differences between strip steel production and wire rod production, cold strip production and tropical production, the coiler still has its own characteristics and functions, resulting in their structural differences.

Precision slitting line colier manufacturer

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