What is a decoiler in the slitting line process?

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With the continuous development of steel slitting line production, the cold rolling uncoiler provides great convenience and greatly improves work efficiency. At the same time, the cold rolling uncoiler is also developing, gradually changing from traditional pure mechanical equipment to intelligent mechanical equipment, which greatly improves its working stability and quality. This is the most important step in the development of cold rolling uncoiler, and it is also an extremely important development direction in the future.

What is a decoiler in the slitting line process?

The decoiler is also called uncoiler, which is a special equipment for metal plate leveling. The body is a welded box structure. The variable frequency speed regulating motor drives the drum shaft to provide the main power for the uncoiler after decelerating through the gear box. The uncoiler is used to level the steel plate and uneven plate of the line. It can form uncoiling, leveling, shearing production lines and other plate product production lines according to relevant configurations. Applicable to machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structures, decoration and other industries. The uncoiler has a simple structure. The heavy standard material rack is composed of a frame, a material rack, tiles, a motor, a reducer, an electric box, etc. the overall structure is compact and the floor area is small. It can further improve the production efficiency through a reasonable arrangement of wires and a reasonable number of equipment.

Structure of Uncoiler

The uncoiler spindle has two functions: one is to drive the steel coil to rotate; The other is the tension support of steel coil. The realization of tightening is usually completed by the oil cylinder or cylinder installed with the main shaft to push the inclined slider. The small unit uses more cylinders, and the large unit uses more cylinders; Rotation is usually realized by the motor driving the spindle to rotate through the reducer. The oil cylinder or air cylinder installed on the spindle shall rotate with the spindle, and the oil cylinder or air cylinder shall be connected to one end of the working medium pipeline, and the other end of the pipeline shall be connected to the hydraulic station or solenoid valve.

The uncoiler body is a welded box structure, and the variable frequency speed regulating motor drives the drum shaft to provide the main power for the uncoiler after decelerating through the gear box. The reel of the uncoiler is a hollow shaft, which is supported on the gear box by two bearings, and a transmission spur gear is installed between the bearings. The gearbox is lubricated by means of forced lubrication, and is equipped with two constant speed motors for the closed-loop oil lubrication system. The mandrel is a cantilever structure, and its front end is supported by an external support bearing during uncoiling to maintain the rigidity and stability of the uncoiler.

Work flow of Uncoiler

Before stamping, the metal coil needs to be uncoiled by the uncoiler before it can be fed to the punch with the feeder. How does the uncoiler work? First, the speed of the standard equipment is fixed at 15m/min. After the operator places the coiled material on the material rack, turn on the power supply, turn on the automatic and forward rotation knob to start working. The material will be uncoiled with the rotation of the material rack, and stop when the uncoiled material length reaches the stamping conditions. The start and stop of the material rack is controlled by the induction rack at the front end of the material rack.

Application of Uncoiler

Uncoiler can be used for uncoiling and rewinding of metal coil. It is widely used in home appliances, automobiles, hardware, electronics and other fields, greatly improving the production capacity of enterprises and reducing labor costs. In addition, one of its functions is to support the steel coil by tightening the inner hole of the steel coil; The other is to feed the steel strip head into the leveler through rotation with the cooperation of the straightener. Therefore, the performance of uncoiler is very important to the whole production line.

Precision slitting line decoiler manufacturer

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