Analysis of causes affecting disk shear of steel slitting line

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Diameter and thickness of disc cutter of steel slitting line:

The diameter of the disc cutter in the steel slitting line determines the shear Angle. The larger the outer diameter, the smaller the shear Angle, the smaller the motor power required, the more energy saving. However, if the diameter is too large, it will weaken the rigidity of the disc cutter and affect the service life of the disc cutter. The thickness of the disc determines the strength of the disc, but if the disc is too thick, it will be heavy. It is not only difficult to operate, but also expensive.

At the same time, when slicing narrow strips, the thickness of the cutter head is limited. If the cutter head is too thin, the deflection of the cutter head is not enough, and the clearance of the cutter head side changes greatly when cutting. The cut and shape will change, and the head will wear out faster.

As the wearing parts of the disc cutting machine in the steel slitting line, its machining accuracy and hardness play a very important role in its service life. According to practical experience, the thickness accuracy of the disc knife is 0.005mm, the flatness accuracy is 0.025mm, and the parallelism accuracy on both sides is 0.005mm. Disc knife in the use of the process, because of long time extrusion and plate, there will be blade wear and obtuse Angle, cutting parts will appear metal fatigue layer. In order to ensure shear quality, the worn cutter head must be ground.

Axial clearance of disc cutter of steel slitting line:

The reserved size of the axial clearance of the disc cutter should be determined according to the thickness and strength of the shear band. In general, the ratio of tear zone to shear zone is about 2:1.

According to the color and roughness of the shear section, the side clearance can be judged whether it is appropriate: the section is smooth and shiny, and the side clearance is too small; The section is lead gray, the side clearance is slightly small; The section is white with lead gray, and the lateral clearance is suitable; The section is white, granular and coarse, and the side clearance is too large.

If the backlash is too large, shearing burrs may occur. If the backlash is too small, it will lead to too much shear load, severe wear of the cutter head, short service life.

In the production process, the value of the side clearance on both sides of the disc cutter should be as consistent as possible. Because the side with the large side clearance, the local indentation of the shear will become larger than the side with the small side clearance, and shear sickle bending will occur. Especially for the steel plate with a small ratio of thickness to width (narrow strip), sickle bending is more likely to occur.

Coincidence volume

This overlap is determined by the thickness of the shear band in the steel slitting line. In general, if the thickness is less than 4mm, it is positive, and if the thickness is greater than 4mm, it is negative, that is, the blades are in a non-overlapping state. Generally speaking, if the overlap is too large, the shear force will increase, and the edge of the strip will bend or even buckle after shearing. If the overlap is too small, the strip will not be continuously sheared or sheared.

The axial accuracy

Axial precision includes horizontal pendulum, vertical pendulum and axial pendulum. It is usually required that the precision of the horizontal and vertical swing of the cutter shaft is within (+0.005mm). The accuracy of axial channeling should be within (+0.005mm). The precision of tool shaft plays an important role in the stability of tool head clearance and deviation.

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