The introduction to metal steel slitting process operation

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Steel is an alloy of iron, which is mixed with carbon to improve its strength and durability. Combine these properties with its low cost and you have a versatile alloy perfect for a variety of end applications, including (but not limited to) automotive, infrastructure and electrical/HVAC.

What is the metal steel slitting process operation?

In metalworking, every new contract is a new bespoke challenge. With technological advances in slitting equipment, software and tool practices, the demand for coils with finer width and length parameters increased, ushering in an era of more accurate slitting.

Slitting is a steel manufacturing process in which a roll of material, such as aluminium or steel, is the final application for specifying slit length and width. As the material passes through the machine, the steel rollers move through very sharp circular blades that make cuts. In order to make a slice, a large amount of compression force must be applied — when the compression force exceeds the tensile strength of the material, it is sliced. The end product is long strips of material cut to the buyer’s specifications.

The slitting process operation is mainly composed of uncoiler, slitting machine and coiler. To ensure the quality of the optimization process, each element must be precisely aligned during the setup process.

How does the metal slitting process work?

Metal slitting is a metal-making process in which a roll of metal is cut to a length and width specified by the terminal application. This process requires a mechanical production line with uncoiler, slitter and coiler to achieve the final product: slitting metal reels, or “multiple reels.”

The slitting process of metal, which has never been processed, passes through the slitting process and ends with a coiler, creating three perfect slitting steel reels from the original large reels.

The operator feeds the ring to the uncoiler spindle. The uncoiler unrolls the main reel and feeds it into the slitting head, where the metal will be slitted into narrow strips by a rotating knife. The operator then checks each joint to ensure that the gauge width and edge conditions meet the required specifications. The mults will then pass through a circulating pit to ensure the slit material is stress-free and radian-free. Individual Mults are then bundled and packaged to specific customer requirements.

What is a metal slitting machine?

Slitting is a machining service that cuts wide coils into narrower widths. It requires specialized machinery, and if done properly, a metal sash can make additional machining faster and more accurate.

The process of slitting metal needs to be very precise. The breadth of slitting capability of TX Machinery’s Slitting Line is of great value to our customers, many of whom we have served and who know we have the right equipment to process their orders and the right specifications in a timely manner. Our customers appreciate the high level of precision and quality we provide in the cutting process because it eliminates excess material waste and can create real value from their own manufacturing process.

Leading manufacturer of metal slitting line machine

TX Machinery has experience in developing and manufacturing the metal slitting line machine for more than 30 years. TX metal slitting line is designed and manufactured with the highest accuracy, efficiency and performance for metal service centres, steel mills, the automotive industry and much other metal and non-ferrous material processing around the world. With many years of experience in the field of sheet metal processing, we have developed various types of special application slitting line machines with the most advanced technical solutions. If you have any questions about our metal slitting line, welcome to send an email to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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